Novo-Nordisk is a global healthcare company with a world leading position in diabetes treatment that is expanding into obesity care as well as biopharma and other serious chronic diseases with high unmet needs. Nearly 500 million people worldwide are estimated to have diabetes, and eight out of ten live in low-and middle-income countries, less than half of which are treated. The high social and human costs have made diabetes a key government focus and Novo-Nordisk has a critical role to play in both broadening access to treatment and in innovating to provide better treatments for the management of diabetes, as well as tackling root causes and associated medical conditions. Control by the Novo Foundation ensures a long term perspective and the company traces its history right back to the beginning of the production of insulin in the 1920’s. It has consistently led in the discovery of innovative new medicines. Most recently initiating the GLP1 class of treatments, developing tablet solutions to replace some injectables and discovering truly ground breaking obesity treatments in the form of Wegovy. Improving access to medicine is an explicit part of the corporate strategy and Novo-Nordisk represents a good example of a company with a commercial strategy that is clearly aligned with providing solutions to one the most significant global health challenges that we face, allowing it to generate strong profit growth over the long-term while at the same time building a sustainable business.

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Where is their head office?

Bagsværd, Denmark